G-Wolves HSK Plus Lite Wireless Mouse

For HSK Plus Lite Wireless

Firmware And Software
( 08/24/2023)
Description of Software:
- Support HSK Plus Lite Wireless Gaming Mouse
- Support for 3399 sensors.
- Support Macro Settings
- Support X/Y Dpi Independent Settings
- Support Advance Battery Settings
- Optimized The Operational Efficiency of The Driver Program

Firmware And Software
( 12/23/2023 )
★ Description of Software:
- Fix battery display bug.
- Add Pair function for Mouse and Receiver.
- Fix XY DPI Setting.
★ Instructions for use:
   ☆Update New Firmware:
1.Click update Menu ,
2.Click firware update,
3.Click autoinstall,
4.Click install,
5.Click Reset button